The ‘H Gallery’ Plugin integrates Google Picasa Albums with a simple, configurable Shortcode in your WordPress blog posts and pages.

This Plugin is based on two excellent works: The fully responsive, simple and lightweight responsive slider plugin from Viljamis. and the jQuery HTML5 Fullscreen Slideshow from Eike Send

[Gallery-H template='t2' album='albumtitle']


    Basic usage

    [Gallery-H album='albumtitle' template='t3']

    Be sure to use the HTML editor when inserting shortcodes!


    The most important attributes supported by the [Gallery-H] shortcode are:.

    • album=’…’
    • template=’…’
      Standard: t4 | Option: t1, t2, t3, t4, t5
    • pager=’…’
      Standard: true | Option: false
    • speed=’…’
      Standard: 1000 | Option: Other value
    • auto’=’…’
      Standard: false | Option: true
    • fullscreencaption=’…’
      Standard: none | Option: block
    • fullscreencaptionsize=’…’
      Standard: 120% | Option: Other value
    • fullscreenicon=’…’
      Standard: 02 | Options: 01, 02, 03
    • fullscreen=’…’
      Standard: 0 | Option: 1
    • caption=’…’
      Standard: none | Option: block
    • wrapperwidth=’…’
      Standard: 100% | Option: Other value
    • wrappermargins=’…’
      Standard: 0 0 1em 0 | Option: Other values
    • thumbwidth=’…’
      Standard: 100px | Option: Other value
    • arrows=’…’
      Standard: 01 | Options: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
    • cssstyle=’…’
      Standard: A | Option: add other style
    • mxresults=’…’
      Standard: 30 | Option: Othe value
    • maxwidth=’…’
      Standard: 1280 | Options: Other value
    • mxbigimgsize=’…’
      Standard: 1280 | Options: Other value
    • bigimagewidth=’…’
      Standard: 100% | Options: Other value

    Detailed description coming soon ..


    1. Unzip the archive to your ‘wp-content/plugins/’ folder.
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    3. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu in the Admin Area, select ‘H Gallery’ and set the parameter ‘UserId’.
    4. Use the shortcode [H-Gallery album=’Albumtitle’] in the content area of a page or post where you want the gallery to appear.

    Please note that PHP5 is required.

    Plugin Settings

    H Gallery Setting

    fig. 02314_003
    1. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘H Gallery’
    2. Set the parameter ‘UserId’
    3. Click ‘Save Changes’

    Related: How to find your Picasa UserId?

    Find the Picasa User id

    picasa user id

    fig. 02314_002

    Picasa User id (1)

    Find the Picasa Albumtitle

    Picasa Albumtitle

    fig. 02314_001

    Picasa Albumtitle (2)

    Important: To display the album, you must set the visibility to “Public on the web”!


    • add error handling
    • stylesheet management
    • better thumbnail template
    • more shortcode attributes
    • import georss
    • and more…

    Any suggest (or solution) will be appreciated!

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    The code is licensed under the MIT and the GPLv2 License.

    © Copyright 2012 Markus Steiger